About Us

Penn-York Land Services provides oil and gas land and title services throughout the Appalachian Basin, Rocky Mountains and Mid-Continent region. We have been continuously active in the industry for over 30 years.

Our reputation is built upon our ability to compile and analyze the most complex oil and gas titles. We take this one step further with clear and concise communication to our clients as to any and all clouds on the title.

The Penn-York Way

Although we've had over 30 years to develop our formats and best practices, we are always willing to adapt to specific client requests in these areas. Our products are built for you and we appreciate your input!

Key Personnel

Timothy S. Lindhome | President

Tim Lindhome's career at Penn-York began in 2001. He spent several years in the courthouse as an oil and gas title abstractor. Thereafter, his focus was on negotiating leases and rights of way, running some of the most successful lease plays in the company's history. Tim also played a pivotal role in orchestrating major timber and fee oil and gas acquisitions. In 2010, Tim became an equity owner and Vice President of Penn-York, and became President in July of 2013. He now focuses on analyzing titles in the office and managing abstracting and leasing projects. He is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in finance.

Michael T. Kimball | Executive VP of Land & Title

Michael attended the State University of New York at Buffalo where he earned a BA in Communications in 1999. He joined Penn-York Land Services in 2000, when he began his career in the oil and gas business as a title abstractor. Since then, he has developed a broad knowledge of oil and gas title in Pennsylvania and New York and has trained many of the company's abstractors. In addition to oil and gas title work, he has developed an expertise in title curative and acquisition due diligence. In 2006, he began serving as a project manager and in-house title analyst. Before becoming a full-time project manager and in-house title analyst, he was widely considered one of the best field abstractors in the region. Michael recently managed a multi-billion dollar acquisition due diligence and curative project, the largest in which Penn-York Land Services has ever participated. He is currently overseeing various title projects for multiple clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York. In addition to his current position as a senior title analyst and project manager, Michael became an equity owner and Executive Vice President of Penn-York Land Services in 2010 and has since taken on various business management responsibilities. He is an active member of AAPL and NALA.

Matthew K. Leslie, RL | Vice President of Land & Title

Matt joined Penn-York in 2010 as a title abstractor. Soon thereafter he assumed project leadership duties in the field. In 2012, Matt’s duties shifted to full-time project management, in-house title analysis and business development. From 2014 through 2017, Matt acted as Vice President of Penn-York’s Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent and Texas operations. In late 2017 Matt became an equity owner of Penn-York and currently focuses on business development and diversification, as well as project management throughout the U.S. Matt is a graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia. He is an active member of the AAPL, as well as its MLBC Chapter, and is a Past President of IRWA Chapter 18.

Kristie Lindhome | Director of Operations

Kristie graduated cum laude from Allegheny College with both a BS and a BA, and magna cum laude from St. Bonaventure University with an MBA. Kristie established her business management credentials as a Financial Planner for American Express Financial Advisors; where she developed a reputation for sound financial and organizational management and business services marketing. Kristie then joined Penn-York in 2009 to apply those skills in a new role as Director of Operations. She has led initiatives to expand the scope of the firm, adding services and rebranding the corporation as Penn-York Land Services to reflect all the innovative improvements already in place, and those planned for in the near future. Kristie is a member of multiple industry organizations, notably the MLBC chapter of the AAPL and the Women's Energy Network.

Kari J. Prelog | Title Analyst/Senior Abstractor

Kari began her career in the title business in 1999 and worked as a title abstractor focusing on residential searches and managing closing transactions. She has dedicated her professional time exclusively to oil and gas abstracting since 2006. She has developed an expertise in oil and gas title, project management and acquisition due diligence. Kari started with Penn-York Land Services in 2008 and has served as a supervising abstractor and title analyst. Kari received a BA in Business Administration in 1999 from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Stephanie N. Granger | Title Analyst/Senior Abstractor

Stephanie began her career at Penn-York Land Services in 2008 and is currently a Senior Title Abstractor and Title Analyst. During her time with Penn-York she has compiled hundreds of abstracts in the most complex areas of Pennsylvania. Her ability and willingness to learn and understand various title issues, together with her attention to detail, efficiency and organizational skills, has helped Stephanie develop into an exceptional Senior Abstractor and Title Analyst. In addition, she has experience in due diligence and project management. Stephanie attended the State University of New York at Geneseo where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in 2007.

Kevin C. Kimball | Senior Abstractor

Kevin joined Penn-York Land Services in April 2007 as a Title Abstractor. His broad knowledge of oil and gas title coupled with strong organizational skills has helped him become an outstanding title abstractor with the ability to compile some of the most complex and voluminous abstracts. Kevin is currently a Senior Title Abstractor.

Lindsay Cornell | Title Analyst/Senior Abstractor

Lindsay attended Saint Bonaventure University where she earned a BA in Marketing, an MBA, and participated in the study abroad program located in Perugia, Italy. She joined Penn-York as an independent abstractor in 2011 and became an employee of the company in 2013. Her dedication and ability to quickly obtain a deep working knowledge of the oil and gas title industry, has allowed her to excel in her position of Title Analyst/Senior Abstractor. Throughout the past three years, Lindsay has worked in some of the most difficult counties in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.